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 Wardogsq Application

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PostSubject: Wardogsq Application   Sun Dec 06, 2009 2:21 pm

PSN ID: Wardogsq

Favorite Game Mode:Ground War

Preferred Weapon Type: SCAR-H/AUG/ .. I pretty much cycle through weapons, not a huge preference.

Contact Info: email/

About Me: 18, Canada, I think I'm pretty good. I dont care about my k:d for lots of reasons. 1. because I often walk away from the game and wrack up lots of deaths while afk, and 2. sometimes I do something fun like use only knives which doesnt support my kd ratio very well (though most the time i had a kd ratio of over 1 just using knives). Lets see, I have a mic but dont use it all that much. I want to join because I am sick and tired of crappy teams that do nothing to win. I have seen teams walk into the same hallway multiple times in a deathmatch and get killed by a nade launcher every time. That pisses me off because in deathmatch your k:d is everything. Or calling in an emergancy airdrop while our team is winning, then no one on your team protects you and you get killed and the enemy team takes your air drop and rapes your team with ac-130s when you were winning by a great deal.

Uhm, maybe send me an email if you accept me. Or else I may forget to check back. Actually I'll bookmark it. That should help.
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PostSubject: lklkl   Tue Dec 08, 2009 3:19 pm

Heh, new favorite weapon. I love the rpd. The first light machine gun. And I own with it.
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Wardogsq Application
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