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 New Application

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PostSubject: New Application   Thu Nov 12, 2009 7:24 pm

PSN ID: monkshonor
Favorite Game Mode: Domination, TDM and sometimes HQ
Preferred Weapon Type: as of right now I'd say smg or assault but I also like to snipe when I get the opportunity. Or run around with pp2000 XD which is pretty fun
KDR in MW2: made sub account to practice in multiplayer and i was around 2.2-2.5 kd rate--- started lvling my acc and KDR is currently 3.39 which is going up and down constantly lol.
Contact Info: QaC Website, PM here, or PSN
About Me: (Age, Name, Time Zone) 17, Aaron, Eastern
Special Skills: Good at flanking most of the time anyways. I'm normally fairly dependable.
Other Current games: Cod4, Cod WaW,Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time and tools of destruction. MGS4

Mic: Of Course

Rank: currently 24

Previous Clan Experience? If so who? What Game?: Yes, I've been in clans before on games like counterstrike and cod 4 I don't remember the name and it was with friends I no longer have contact with.

Time of availability: Any day pretty much outside of school hours during the week so 6am-4pm I'm unavailable. other than that im prolly gonna be on till like 11pm to 1 am depends on school
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PostSubject: Re: New Application   Thu Nov 12, 2009 8:04 pm

Very nice Application. You seem to be a shoo in as long as we get along! Great stats and i like the way you play! Definitely will play once the parties get fixed.

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New Application
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